Museveni Faults Police for Breaking Bobi Wine’s Car Window

Anti-riot Police personnel use shield to keep journalists away during Bobi Wine's arrest. (Photo: Daily Monitor)

President Yoweri Museveni has faulted Uganda Police Force for breaking the car window of Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine while arresting him as he attempted to access One Love Beach Busabala.

On April 22, 2019, Police blocked Bobi Wine from accessing the beach where he planned to hold a press conference to condemn police brutality.

Bobi Wine’s supporters were dispersed by teargas while others were arrested.

Police later forcefully broke into his Land Cruiser to arrest him.

They used shield guards to block journalists’ cameras from filming the break-in.

Now, in his article on legitimate public assemblies, President Museveni has said he disapproves of the method police used.

In the article, Museveni faults members of the opposition for holding public meetings and processions in crowded streets, markets and places where people’s property can be looted or damaged.

“If you want to hold a public meeting (olukungana) or a procession (ekivulu) for a legitimate reason, you should liaise with the Police, so that your public meeting or your procession does not endanger the lives of other Ugandans or the safety of their property.  You agree with the Police on the route, if it involves a procession, or the venue if it is an event or a rally,” Museveni wrote.

He said the core principle of the NRM is never to allow the looting or damaging people’s property or endangering their lives.

“When you do, like some have attempted (the likes of Joseph Kony, Jamil Mukulu, the cattle rustlers in Karamoja etc.), we struggle against you and we shall defeat you.”

He said to insist on a procession or an assembly in a market or crowded street is criminal.

“This we cannot allow and we have not allowed in the past.  That is one of the reasons Uganda is growing at more than 6% per annum.”

“All this, however, is on assumption that you are rallying, you are processioning for a legitimate reason – a justified reason.  You cannot be rallying and processioning for an illegitimate reason – preaching lies, preaching sectarianism, preaching hate.”

“Those who made mistakes to tolerate such bogusness, paid a heavy price.  Did you see the massacre in New Zealand?  How about the ones in Sri Lanka recently, in France, in Belgium, in Norway etc.?  How about the mega problem that occurred in Rwanda?  These tragedies in those areas started with pseudo – and bogus preachers.”

In conclusion, the President said: “Therefore, if you want to assemble publically or to procession, it must be for a legitimate reason.  If it is to preach hate, to decampaign investments in Uganda etc., then we shall not allow you.  Those who have ignored this logic have paid a heavy price.”

Turning to Police, the President who said he rarely watches TV said Police should have towed Bobi Wine’s Car instead of breaking its window.

“I also disapprove of the method the Police used to break the glass of Bobi Wine’s car,” Museveni said in the statement issued on Saturday.

He added: “They should have towed the vehicle to wherever they wanted him to be.  I do not watch TV most of the time because of work.”

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