Museveni Maintains Shs 3.6m Pay as Public Service Tables Increased Salary Structure

President Yoweri Museveni

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni’s salary shall remain constant at Shs 3.6m despite a 30 percent salary increase as proposed by the Ministry of Public Service for the Financial Year 2019/20 to other public servants.

The new structure is contained in the list of salary enhancements that was tabled Thursday by the Minister of State for Public Service, David Karubanga before the Parliament Committee on Public Service.

According to the list tabled, the Vice President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers and State Minister shall all remain earning a sum of Shs 11.18m in the coming financial year.

The Chief Justice shall maintain Shs20m, Deputy Chief Justice Shs 18m, Principal Judge Shs 10m, Justice of Supreme Court Shs 9.6m, Justice of Court of Appeal Shs 9.3m and Judges of High Court will get Shs 9.02m.

The pay for the Auditor General as well remained at Shs 36m, the IGG at Shs37m, Deputy IGG at Shs 32m, Inspector General of Police as well as the Commissioner of Prisons will remain earning Shs 6.8m while their deputies will remain earning Shs 6.7m.

However, an increase has been proposed for the Senior Presidential Advisors from Shs 2.3m to Shs 2.8m, while the RDCs will get an additional Shs 600,000 to make it Shs 2.8m.

The Ministry has as well proposed an enhanced salary of the District Chairpersons from Shs 2.38m to Shs 2.88m and the District Speakers from Shs 724,000 to Shs 1.05m.

In the health sector, the Ministry has proposed an increase in salary of the Director Regional Referral Hospital from Shs 4.8m to Shs 5.4m, Deputy Directors from Shs 4.6m to Shs 5.2m, Assistant Director from Shs 4.5m to Shs 5.1m, Senior Consultant Shs 4.5m to Shs 5.1m, Consultant from Shs 4.2m to Shs 4.5M.

For Education, there is a proposed salary increase for the Headteachers from Shs 2.02m to Shs 3m, Principals of Comprehensive Schools from Shs 2.79m to Shs 3m, Principals PTC/UCC from Shs 2.16m to Shs 3.6m, Deputy Headteachers from Shs 1.55 to Shs 2.2m, Graduate Science Teachers from Shs 750,080 to Shs 1.05m while Graduate Science Teacher will remain earning Shs 1.4m.

Going forward, the Parliamentary committee on Public Service will review the proposed salary structure and produce a report which will later be presented to the House and debated for a final structure.

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