Museveni Opens Uganda – DRC Business Forum, Roots for Free Trade within Africa

President Museveni speaking at the opening of the Uganda - DRC business forum.

President Yoweri Museveni has Saturday opened the first ever Uganda – DRC Business Forum reiterating the need for wider African integration which he said is critical in facilitating free trade.

He said it is important for African countries to eliminate trade barriers such as tariffs on goods moving across the different border points.

The the Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) joint business forum opened Saturday at Speke Resort, Munyonyo.

It is being held under the theme, “Promoting Bilateral Trade, Investment and Connectivity for Mutual Peace and Prosperity”.

Museveni said in a statement on Saturday that: “It is important for nations to facilitate trade among themselves because it creates opportunities for citizens in terms of jobs, income and wealth”.

He said the current trade imbalance between Africa and the rest of the world has deprived Africans of the employment.

“Africa’s trade figures show that we are importing a lot from China, India, Japan and other places. This means we are supporting the prosperity of these countries and jobs for their children yet ours remain unemployed,” Museveni said.

“We need the market of the whole of Africa and avoid taxes at our borders. What we should concentrate on is the quality of goods and services”.

Internal markets alone are not sufficient to guarantee prosperity, Museveni said.

“Uganda and DRC can for instance have a comparative advantage. If something is done better in Congo, we do it there and Uganda buys it, and vice versa. Then we get low-cost but high quality products”.

President Tshisekedi arrived in Uganda on Saturday, accompanied by a Delegation of over 100 individuals including Ministers and Senior Officials.

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