Museveni Scoffs at “Enemies of Uganda” as NRM Secures Majority LC Seats

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni who is also NRM Chairman has termed the “massive” victory by the ruling party in the just concluded Local Council (LC) elections as an indicator that the enemies of Uganda have been put to shame.

Museveni congratulated Ugandans for choosing to elect NRM candidates in the elections which he aid was a testament that Ugandans can not be fooled.

He also scoffed at some sections of the media which he labeled as enemies for allying with Uganda’s enemies and foreign backers to fool Ugandans.

“Ugandans, congratulations on the huge, successes for yourselves and your liberation movement,” the President wrote in his message.

“Ugandans can not be fooled,” he said, and added that in the recently concluded Women Councils elections, the NRM won by taking 256,100 positions out of the total 303,460 positions representing a 84.5% win.

In the same elections, NRM leaning candidates took 27,069 positions while opposition candidates combined shared 6.6%.

“In yesterday’s elections, the NRM has won massively. I am here in Kisozi. The sub-county of Kahanda (Kawanda) there are 40 villages, NRM won 36 and NRM Independents won the other 4. Opposition zero,” Museveni said.

He lauded Ugandans “for putting to shame the enemies of Uganda”.

“Uganda belongs to Ugandans. The traitors will never take it over,” he said.

Government has in recent weeks been criticized for proposing that Ugandans line up behind candidates in the elections, a system some critics called rudimentary.

But according to President Museveni, the method of lining up has exposed the “cheating by opposition” especially in towns.

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