MUST: Students Advised to Be Original While Innovating Tech Solutions

MUST students and lectures pose for a group photo at the summit on Friday.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Dr Nickson Kamukama has asked students to embrace technology.

He said this Friday during the African I.T Summit held at Adit mall in Mbarara.

He appealed to students to desist from eyeing their parents’ physical assets such as land, saying that there are numerous tech solutions through which they can earn and survive.

“Forget about these visible assets, the way to go is now invisible assets and that is knowledge which is intellectual capital. You are not going to get any land from your father, it’s gone. But how will you survive as people with brains?” Dr Kamukama challenged the students.

He further challenged students pursuing ICT related courses to be original and refrain from copying the works of other developers.

“Where we are now, people with something new are the ones who are going to manage this world. We are not going to accept people who are in this world and their role is just to copy and paste; if the worst comes to the worst copy, customize, innovate and produce”.

He asked the students to focus on technology which is ready to address societal challenges.

“There are so many things changing in this world and you are responsible for managing those changes using technology through innovation so that you become the tallest trees in the forest,” he added.

He also encouraged students to integrate ICT with other disciplines to address societal challenges in the world.

“You are in charge of the global I.T trends of course in different capacities; interdisciplinary matters must come on board. Let information technology be integrated with finance and other challenges like cyber crimes because you cannot investigate what you don’t understand”

Dr Kamukama asked students to be ahead of the existing technology.

“You are here to apply technology in order to change the world and this world without technology you cannot participate in; we must stop this business of living like our fathers and grandfathers but must think and the level of thinking has changed” explained the deputy vice chancellor

The summit is themed “Innovation and Technology: The Gate Way for Social-Economic Empowerment and Transformation-the case of Africa”.

It is intended to create awareness on emerging technologies and bringing ICT opportunities closer to the community.

“You all know that Africa and Uganda in particular we are still struggling to move in the line of technology which is a way to go” said the dean faculty of Computing and Informatics at MUST, Dr Everest Nabasa.

The two-day summit will be summed up with hackathon, exhibition of tech innovations and presentations by ICT students from other institutions like Kabale University and Ankole western university.

Elioda Tumwesigye, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation is due to officially close the summit on Saturday.

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