Namuganza Sheds Tears, Accuses Kadaga of Turning Relatives Against Her

State Minister for Lands, Princess Persis Namuganza uses a handkerchief to dry her eyes from tears while appearing before the Parliamentary committee

The State Minister for Lands, Princess Persis Namuganza broke down in tears before the Parliament Committee of Rules, Disciplines and Privileges on Wednesday, accusing the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga of buying off her family members to gang against her.

The strong hearted Minister couldn’t hold her emotions back as members of the committee hurled questions to her regarding her feud with Kadaga.

Namuganza had responded satisfactorily on a number of queries but was disheartened with disturbing comments by members faulting her for becoming a perpetual offender and confronter of fellow MPs.

The Minister said that she was disturbed that the leader of Parliament has failed to show any respect to the people she leads and instead chosen to destabilize Bukono (Namuganza’s constituency) people and the entire Busoga region.

“I acted the way I acted because I am human and God created us, we have both the happy and angry part and when the other one switches on sometimes we have no control. It is actually said that it is abnormal to act normally in an abnormal situation.”

Namuganza said that nobody desires to live a life of conflicts, noting that she is a politician who couldn’t sit and watch the Speaker in early campaigns for her political rival who lost to her during the previous elections.

“It is so painful that somebody goes to your constituency and leaves the people in disarray and in the middle of conflicts to the extent of killing one another”.

“I agree entirely that we need to protect the image of this House because we are another arm of government, but the head of the institution should not conduct herself in such a manner which is so provocative which puts the image of Parliament in dispute.”

“Since those incidents happened, I can no longer take a glass of water from our family because she gave them [Namuganza’s family] money. My own brothers and sisters,” Namuganza observed.

She claimed that she has since received threatening messages from several numbers following a declaration to start a war against her by Kadaga.

Namuganza expressed worry that the Committee might be another channel to fight her on behalf of the Speaker which the committee Chairperson refuted.

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