Nankabirwa Asks Public to Calm Down, Says New Cities Shall be Passed any time

Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa

The Government Chief whip who is also Kiboga Woman Member of Parliament (MP), Ruth Nankabirwa has called upon the general public to stay calm with assurance that the newly created cities shall be soon passed by Parliament.

Nankabirwa made the call while speaking to journalists at Parliament following the failure by Parliament to raise the required quorum to cast a vote on the motion to approve the new cities.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah could not proceed on the matter on Tuesday for the fourth time after noticing that the house was not fully constituted to take a decision on the matter.

The house required a total of 223 members as required number to take a decision of such a nature.

As a leader of the majority in Parliament, Nankabirwa said that the public should be aware that there are no ill intentions in delaying the approval of cities but the reason is just circumstantial and will be sorted out soonest.
The Government Chief Whip cited the ongoing regional Parliamentary tournament as a major hiccup on the unyielding debate and vote on new cities.

Nankabirwa said that there are a number of activities that are taking the attention of parliament and unless those activities are halted, it might be difficult to raise the majority number required.

“There are a number of activities which are taking place apparently which are taking away MPs, you realize that unless those activities like sports and games which are taking place are done, it might be very difficult to raise the required number of members to support the resolution.

Nankabirwa rallied the opposition chief whip to as well mobilize his members to be present when the matter shall again be scheduled on the order paper.

“I will talk to the Speaker and see how we will do about it, in case the cities are to be passed this year because the games are slated to end on December 18. We should see if there is a breathing space for the games.”

She however added that, “Uganda is here to stay, if we don’t manage to pass the cities this month, we go to the next month; we are passing cities, not making electoral laws where we are bound by a time frame, these have no time frame, people should not be over excited.”
Government approved 15 cities from which a number of seven cities are to become operational in the next financial year.

The proposed cities for next financial year include; Arua, Gulu, Jinja, Mbarara,Fortportal Mbale and Masaka .

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