Nankabirwa to NRM Youths: Treat those in ‘People Power’ as Competitors not Enemies

Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa.

The Government Chief Whip and Kiboga Woman MP, Ruth Nankabirwa has advised NRM youths against treating their fellow youths who support the Bobi Wine-led ‘People Power’ pressure group as enemies but rather as competitors.

This was during an engagement with 106 Kiboga district youth councillors led by their Chairman, Geoffrey Mutagobwa which was held at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) in Kampala.

Nankabirwa’s call followed concerns raised by the youth leaders who asked her to help them fight against the mushrooming People Power youths that are giving them headache.

These said they have lost some of the youths they lead to the People Power camp, a trend they say needs to altered before the general elections.

In response, Nankabirwa told the group to look at People Power as political competition.

“You know Kiboga is an NRM District and the youths don’t want to see anything that is not NRM. When they see other youths shouting ‘People Power’, they get concerned, so I had to tell them that they should not expect every person to support them,” she told reporters.

Nankabirwa says youths must learn that even in an election, no person can get 100 percent. This, she says, implies that there shall always be people with divergent views but they should be tolerated.

“I don’t want the youths to fight each other, the most important thing is to tolerate each other,” Nankabirwa said.

The NRM Chief Whip as well advised the youths within the ruling party to work towards a united force that will will be used to overcome all NRM opponents during the 2021 elections.

“We know that the youth are the majority and as NRM, our strategy is to ensure that we give preference to them even during election campaigns,” Nankabirwa said.

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