National Prayer Breakfast: Kadaga Urges Leaders to Lead with Exemplary Character

Speaker Kadaga greets her Deputy Oulanyah during the prayer breakfast. Looking on is Minister Bahati and Cranes Captain, Denis Onyango.

As the country marks the 21st National Prayer Breakfast, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has appealed to fellow leaders in the country to live exemplary lives with character emulating Biblical character, Deborah.

The Speaker made the call on Tuesday while addressing the gathering at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala as leaders gathered to pray and commit the country to God.

Kadaga said that Deborah was the only female Judge that Israel ever had and that she may have been one of the most courageous.

“During the time of the Judges when everybody did what was right in their own eyes as reported in Judges 17:6, 21:27, Deborah stood head and shoulders above everyone else. Israel was oppressed by Jabin and his armies for 20 years and appeared to be undefeatable, Israel’s armies were certainly no match since they didn’t even have weapons,”

Quoting Judges 5:8, Kadaga said “Barak in leading Israel into battle was fearful and he would only go into battle if Deborah would accompany him”.

“She did and by God’s hand, the superior forces of the enemy fell, her willingness to go into battle showed that she trusted God and had no fear of others but only feared God,” Kadaga said.

Leaders ought to learn from Deborah, to be courageous enough to inspire the people that trusted then to offer leadership, the Speaker said.

“Inspiring people we lead starts with helping them get out of poverty, have good health, consume clean water and be able to access education at all levels,” Kadaga said.

She added that leaders must always be just to the people they lead just like Deborah was one of the best Judges who never favoured anyone while making her judgements.

“This is what exactly leaders should be doing as people’s servants”.

“We need to conduct a self-assessment as leaders to see if we fit in the footsteps of Biblical leaders like Deborah, the assessment will give us a genuine way of providing accountability to the people we lead,” Kadaga noted.

As the country commemorates Independence Day on Wednesday, the Speaker reminded the leadership of their obligation to serve the people of Uganda “in a way that our service won’t shame us before God”.

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