New DP Bloc Disregards Talk of Separating with ‘People Power’ Group

Bwanika (on podium) addressing a news conference with Norbert Mao, Mike Mabike, Sam Lubega and other DP members recently.

Members of the newly formed Democratic Party (DP) political bloc have rubbished allegations that they were fired from the ‘People Power’ pressure group hence joining DP to advance their agenda.

These include; People Development Party (PDP)’s Dr. Abed Bwanika, Social Democratic Party (SDP), Mike Mabike, Truth and Justice (TJ)’s Samuel Lubega Mukaaku who have all been at the frontline within the ‘People Power’ movement.

The three announced last week that they were forming a political alliance with the DP ahead of the 2021 election.

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Responding to media questions during the DP weekly presser on Tuesday, the group dismissed the allegations which they said should be treated as mere falsehoods.

The opposition politicians attributed the claims to forces that are aiming at dividing the People Power movement. They however say this is not possible.

“We are on a very serious national project and we can’t allow to be diverted by pettism, but make no mistake, most of the people you see here are members of the People Power high command because that is now the broader movement that unites all of us,” Mike Mabike said.

Mabike explained that People Power is a broad movement of Ugandans yearning for change and it is comprised of individuals, NGOs and political parties.

“When my brother Kyagulanyi tells you to acquire National IDs, he simply means that he is to prosecute the struggle through an election and the candidates within People Power will not get People Power tickets because it is not a political party but they will all get their respective political party tickets,” Mabike said.

Mabike added that the new move they are undertaking is to strengthen People Power “because if you want a strong People Power, you must have strong institutions, individuals and civil society organisations”.

“When you have a strong DP bloc, you certainly have a strong People Power,” Mabike added.

Abed Bwanika on his part said that they still remain part of the People Power High Command and that Bobi Wine has been appraised of the development with DP.

“Bobi Wine is part of this and very close to whatever is going on. We shall not accept the blackmail that we are moles, this is an old talk and we are now above it,” Bwanika responded.


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