No Amount of Propaganda Will Deter CMI from Protecting Uganda, Says UPDF

Head of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Brig Gen Abel Kandiho.

The UPDF has come out to refute information shared on social media purporting that the head of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Brig Gen Abel Kandiho was the mastermind of the arrest and detention of Bobi Wine as well as the blocking of his recent concerts.

It follows a post shared by a sponsored Facebook page named “Free Uganda” which accused CMI’s head, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho of tormenting innocent people in Uganda as well as foreign nationals.

The post also claims the Uganda military runs safehouses, also commanded by Kandiho.

The post also stated that it is Kandiho that has been “micro managing Bobi wine’s sufferings” and sabotaging Bobi Wine’s livelihood .

However, a number of Ugandans responded saying Kandiho is falsely accused. Others alluded to the facebook page propaganda being sponsored by a foreign country and asked the country to leave Uganda’s affairs to Ugandans.

“The Kandiho I know can’t do that. The guy spends sleepless nights because he wants us safe,” Stuart Yiga commented on the facebook post.

Another Ugandan, Araali Douglas weighed in: “May be the one who posted is a Rwandan agent trying to get back at a man for protecting Uganda and is now using the Bobi issue that is being handled by police to malign Kandiho. We are watching carefully.”

“Rwandese, leave our country,” Matutu Moses commented before another Ugandan replied: “Rwanda should leave our internal politics. Who doesn’t know that Rwanda wants Abel dead? They are exporting their hatred to Ugandans which will not work. Ugandans are very happy with Brig Kandiho for fighting crime in the country.”

Now, on Thursday, the UPDF issued a statement refuting the allegations made by the sponsored facebook page.

“The UPDF takes exception to a very abusive post carried on social media platform of “Free Uganda” on 29 April 2019 directed at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence led by Brig Gen Abel Kandiho,” the statement by UPDF spokesperson, Brig Richard Karemire states.

“We wish to state that It is not true that the CMI operates safe houses anywhere”.

Karemire says the issues behind the current appearance of Bobi Wine before the court have been handled by the Uganda Police Force and the office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

“The CMI has no role to play and should therefore not be dragged into it”.

“As a whole, the UPDF leadership remains very satisfied and has full confidence in the CMI,” the UPDF statement reads in part.

Karemire adds that the CMI officers and men have continued to perform their duties to execute UPDF core functions as provided under the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

“They have contributed a lot towards the current peace and security in the Country”.

He said no amount of bad mouthing and propaganda will deter them from protecting the people and our country Uganda.

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