NRM ‘Rebel MPs’ Consider Legal Action over Museveni’s Sole Candidature

The NRM 'Rebel MPs' addressing a news conference on Thursday (Photo: Moses Namayo)

National Resistance Movement (NRM) rebel MPs led by Workers MP and presidential hopeful, Sam Lyomoki have attacked the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) for taking a decision to maintain President Yoweri Museveni as the party’s presidential sole candidate for the 2021 general elections.

The party’s Central Executive Committee made the resolution early this week while ending a retreat at Chobe safari lodge.

On Thursday, legislators condemned the President for manipulating CEC and conniving with them to come up with the resolution.

Lwemiyaga County MP, Theodore Sekikubo said that the resolution is selfish and misguided and also in violation of Article 71 of the constitution that mandates political parties to organize internal elections based on democratic principles.

Sekikubo was speaking alongside five other NRM MPs who convened a press conference to condemn the resolutioni. They included Monica Amoding, Mbwatekamwa Gaffa, Sam Lyomoki, John Baptist Nambeshe and Patrick Nsamba.

“The current CEC does not have the authority to even endorse party candidates since its tenure will have expired by the time party primaries come around in 2020,” Sekikubo said.

The Workers’ MP, Sam Lyomoki said that the argument fronted by the President for removal of the age limit was to create an envuenviron that allows all people to contest. However, he added, the new CEC resolution which blocks other contestants is contrary to the basis on which the 2017 amendments were made. This is to take Ugandans for fools, Lyomoki said.

“All NRM members should come out against this unconstitutional move by CEC since they have no powers to determine any candidate at any level. The constitution provides for primaries at all levels including that the party Presidency,” Lyomoki said.

Monica Amoding appealed to Ugandans saying the power to choose the destiny of the country is in their hands through the ballot paper.

She also appealed to the NRM members to stop folding their arms while undemocratic tendencies are on within the party. She revealed that the group is considering dragging the President to court to seek the interpretation of court on the matter.

The Manjiya County MP, John Baptist Nambeshe said the resolution was a demonstration of greed and a serious degeneration by CEC which is supposed to champion democracy but have done the complete opposite.

The Kasanda North MP, Patrick Nsamba accused the President of ‘raping’ the party constitution in the same manner he ‘raped’ the national constitution during the age limit removal.

He also condemned the President for meeting with CEC to consolidate power for the NRM while curtailing the activities of other political parties in the country like Democratic Party (DP) whose reunion in Jinja was blocked by the Police on Wednesday.

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