Nrm Shares Victory With Bobi!


Mr. Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi’s victory in yesterday’s Kyadondo East Constituency by-election is a shared victory with the ruling NRM government.

His victory is a clear testimony that the NRM’s efforts in fostering electoral democracy has reached a reasonable stage that should be guarded jealously by all Ugandans.

One of the main causes that forced President Yoweri Museveni into a bush war was to resist dictatorship regimes that had no respect for electoral laws and the rule of law in general.

As a political party, through the Rt. Hon. Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba we conceded defeat yesterday evening and immediately congratulated Mr. Kyagulanyi. This gesture could hardly be seen in regimes before 1986.

Its therefore human that other political parties should emulate NRM where we also take the lead in an election result.

The continued claims by some opposition camps that NRM rigs whenever we emerge victors is a lose talk that should have a substitute.

The NRA/NRM 1986 glorious liberation victory pointed out Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, Democracy and Social- Economic Transformation as key principles of the party which we shall continue to uphold.

For all our party members in Kyadondo and beyond, we thank you for the support. We lost the race but not the struggle. We shall reorganise ourselves for better results in 2021.

I once again congratulate Bobi Wine and together we share the success in your victory.

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