Nyakasura School Skirt-like Boys’ Uniform Amuses Gen Saleh

Gen Salim Saleh keenly observes three male students dressed in their kilts during his visit to Nyakasura School.

The skirt-like school uniform for Nyakasura School in Kabarole district commonly referred to as a Kilt has caused the OWC Chief Coordinator Gen Salim Saleh to leave the School premises a surprised man.

During the commissioning of the Nyakasura School hydram water pump system, smartly dressed male students of Nyakasura School stepped closer to the high table for Gen Saleh to take a better and closer view of the uniquely designed school uniform.

Patrick Rwebembera, the board chairperson Nyakasura School thereafter labored to explain the origin and choice of the uniform.

“Our unique School uniform was borrowed from Scotland which was the home country for commander Kowel, the founder of Nyakasura School” Rwebembera said.

Rwebembera informed Gen Saleh and the audience at large that the School Uniform (Kilt) is derived from the traditional dress code/fashion of Scotland.

“Commander Kowel chose the Scotland traditional wear to our uniform here; we can’t part with it because we are so much proud of it. In fact, I still have my Kilt which was my uniform here in the year 1965” he said.

The uniform accessories include a kilt, belt, sporran, knee-socks with a cuff known as kilt hose. Beyond being among Uganda’s colonial schools, it is this unique uniform that has made Nyakasura to stand out.

A kilt is a type of knee-length non-bifurcated skirt with pleats at the back, originating in the traditional dress of Garlic men and boys in the Scottish highlands. It dates back to the 16th century but the small kilt or modern kilt emerged in the 18th century, and has become associated with the wider culture of Scotland.

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