OPINION: Meghan Markle is So Lucky to Have a Man Who Stands Up for Her

Prince Harry and wife, Meghan Markle.

By Enwongo Cleopas

For me, the most important take away from all of the media meltdown surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry taking a step back from the royal family is that Meghan is so lucky and fortunate to be married to a man who defends and stands up for her against the vileness of HIS world, and this includes family; a man who is his own person, solidly and unequivocally as he has shown from his teen years.

A man who puts his wife and son first, as should be, taking them away from environments and situations that treats them with so much hostility and vileness.

To have a love that leaves no doubt, a love that puts you first, a love that takes on the world on your behalf- that is heaven, sincerely. If you have that kind of love in whatever form it comes, please treasure it.

When I look at the way the media over the past years, leading right from their engagement to their son’s birth treated Meghan, my heart breaks for her. Such unjustified vilification, attacks and hounding of her every action will definitely break a person.

Let us not even talk about their explicit display of racism towards her and Archie. And this is why it gives me so much joy that Harry with the understanding of his mother’s personal battles and his personal encounter with the viciousness associated with the Royal family and that vulture-like media frenzy, has taken himself and family out of that circle.

This is nothing but bravery. I am insanely proud and just envious of such guts.

A very powerful lesson too that I have learnt from Harry in all of his actions is that no price is too high to pay to protect one’s sanity and wellbeing, especially in an insane world likes ours.

Some of us will have to close the door on family, job, relationships, societal expectations; religious obligations, familiar influences, even social media etc. if that option will give us peace, safeguard our wellbeing and restore our sanity.

All I came to do this evening was to celebrate this two and the exemplary partnership they are living out and the many beautiful and somewhat difficult ways they are prioritizing themselves and their happiness.

It reminds me of my tweet from 24th August 2018, “Find a partner that puts in the work to unlearn and reject the things and culture that no longer serves you. Get a partner who is not afraid to design the kind of life they want, whether or not it is accepted by others. This life can really be beautiful if you want it to be”.

The writer is a Nigerian lawyer and Co-Founder at The BlueRiver Firm

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