Opposition to Scale Up ‘Togikwatako’ as Decisive Stage Draws Close

Opposition MPs addressing a press conference on Thursday

As the day to conclude the passing of the Age Limit Bill draws nearer, the opposition in Parliament has declared next week as a ‘Togikwatako’ week for all Ugandans and those outside the country.

The announcement was made at a press conference held at Parliament in the office of the Leader of Opposition where a group of MPs including ; Roland Mugume Kaginda, Muwanga Kivumbi, Francis Mwijukye, Moses Kasibante, Joseph Sewungu Gonzaga, Lattif Sebagala, Robina Sentongo among others spit fire.

The declaration coincides with the commencement of a retreat by members of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee chaired by Budama MP Jacob Oboth Oboth at Lake Victoria Serena Hotel Kigo, to put final touches to a report on consultations made on the Bill over the last few weeks.

The report will be tabled before Parliament on Tuesday next week. Proponents of the Bill in the House have repeatedly stated that it will be passed come rain or sunshine.

Muwanga Kivumbi, said that the country is going to be painted red and every person will march to Parliament in protest.

“All Ugandans will be dressing in red attire, thousands of electorates will visit all MPs living in Kampala and Wakiso not to harm them but rather to lobby them to drop the controversial constitutional amendment Bill 2017. They will match to parliament in protest,” he said.

They also intend to organize a massive parade along all roads close to Parliament to on the day the report by the Legal Affairs committee will be presented.

Kivumbi said all shops will be required to close next week ahead of the tabling of the long awaited report on the age limit.

They want the Parliamentary commission to install screens across the August House for people to watch who will vote for and those against the Bill.

Kivumbi who was flanked by other opposition legislators appealed to Ugandans to put on red during Christmas day.

“All shops should now start selling red clothes so that nobody misses a dress. Even on Christmas day, people should put on red.”

The opposition has also vowed to oppose the looming proposal to increase the term of political leaders from 5 to 7 years.

Moses Kasibante said; “There is no mandate that anybody can extend the 10th Parliament term to 7 years apart from those who think like this stupid uneducated man from Arua Municipality, Ibrahim Abiriga. Let them know that they are just playing around but this can only take effect in the 11th Parliament”.

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