Parents, Adolescents Advised to Bridge Communication Gap

Participants share a light moment with facilitators

Parents have been advised to always find time and bridge the communication gap with their children during the holiday season.

This was during the first ever School of Life event that was organised by SKPR and Focus on Recovery Uganda (FORE) at ISBAT University in Kampala.

The event that targeted adolescents and parents was organised under the theme; Life Skills for Adolescents and Parenting Wisdom for Mums and Dads.

Speaking during the event, SKPR Director, Sheila Kangwagye said that with the coming into force of Information Technology, parents need to adopt new ways of nurturing their children far different from the way children were brought up in the old days.
Kangwagye said that parents have left their children to be nurtured by social media and peers which may be misleading.

“There is a very big communication gap between the parents and the child, if that could be solved, all would be well; children fear to tell their parents certain things, they end up wasting their life with drugs and peers,” Kangwagye said.

Kangwagye said that most parents say that they don’t have time for the their children which is very dangerous.

“Some parents always claim not to have time for their children but this is dangerous and it should never happen because you leave your children exposed to other things,” she stated before adding that “I don’t understand such a statement; you should know that when you choose to have a child, there are responsibilities that come along with it which you must respect for the better future of your child,” Kangwagye said.

During the event, children were taken through the dangers of drug addiction and advised not to try out drugs as the best way to avoid the addiction.

The Director, Focus on Recovery Uganda, Albert Elwa told the adolescents that they should understand that addiction is a chronic, progressive and relapsive disease of the brain and should avoid experimental use of drugs.

Elwa said that many adolescents get addicted to drugs after advice from their wrong peers and the desire to be fashionable.

“It all starts with experimental use of drugs, goes to social use, regular use, harmful use until you become a dependant user where one’s brain goes through structural readjustment,” Elwa said.

He advised them to always say no to drug use, make right friends, listen to family rules, never be afraid to ask for help in any stressing matter.

“You should always stay connected to your parents; when a teenager you may find your parent to be a problem. When you approach 20 years, you realize that they are the best friends ever and when they die you realize that you missed the time you didn’t listen to their wise advice,” Elwa said.

He told them that the best way to avoid any addiction is by finding drug free hobbies, preparing for their future since this will always motivate one to be focused and work hard.

“You should always endeavour to be that person people should always look up to; be someone you want your children to emulate,” Elwa said.

To those who are already drug addicts, he advised that they should seek for treatment and therapy from a rehabilitation centre.

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