Parliament Says Accounts in Naggalama Shooting Point to Extra-judicial Killing, Demands Probe

State Minister of ICT, Ida Nantaba.

Following unclear circumstances under which a one Ronald Sebulime, was shot dead by Police on suspicion that he was trailing State Minister of ICT, Ida Nantaba with an intention of assassinating her, Parliament is demanding that government institutes an independent probe into the matter to find out the facts.

In statement on Sunday, Police Spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, said when the minister was driving from Kayunga district (where she is woman MP), two men who were riding on a motorbike trailed her, in a manner that was threatening from Sezibwa bridge to Naggalama trading centre.

They rode past her official vehicle after, made a U-turn, drove back and pulled alongside the roadside market after Sezibwa bridge and thereafter Enanga says, “one of them came to the stall where she was buying fruits and pretended to seek for the direction to Kabimbiri trading centre.

His suspicious conduct prompted Nantaba bodyguard to respond and they drove off.”

It was at this point when the Minister realized the suspicious conduct and alerted the officers at Naggalama Police station.

“The two suspicious riders, upon noticing that the Hon. minister had branched and alerted the police at Nagalama , diverted and attempted to escape in the direction of Kimenyede Mayangayanga Road,” Enanga said.

“The response teams at Nagalama, pursued them, and after a long chase forced them to abandon their sports motorcycle at Nagojje trading centre, several shots were fired in their direction, to cause them to surrender, but all in vain”

In the process, Sebulime Ronald a resident of Nakabugo Village, Nakabugo Parish, Pakiso Sub County, and Busiro County in Wakiso District was shot dead during the pursuit. The Police is still searching the area with canine dogs for the second suspect, who is feared armed and dangerous,” he added.

However, eyewitnesses captured on video, give a different account saying the deceased who was already hand-cuffed was shot at by Police officers after being arrested in Nagojje.

MP Nantume Janepher, the Chairperson Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights in a statement on Tuesday, said they were receiving questionable narratives from Police and the eyewitnesses “all pointing to a prima facie case of extra judicial killing.”

MP Nantume Janepher.

She said, since it is premature to see conclusions at this stage of a possible extra judicial killing, the committee asks that “an independent inquest in this matter should be conducted.”

Nantume also asked government to take swift action against senseless killings and use of unreasonable force in Police operations.

She says given the country’s past, security organs should not be allowed to act in a “culture of almost total impunity.”

In his statement, Enanga said a mobile phone belonging to the deceased as well as the motorcycle and identification documents recovered from the deceased, were to be used to aid investigations.

This has since sparked opposition from many members of the public questioning why an assassin would risk moving to execute a deadly mission while bearing his identification documents.

Other Ugandans on social media are wondering why the Police did not shoot the said other assassin who was allegedly armed, why he has not been arrested yet since he had abandoned the motorbike. At the same time, some people have been demanding evidence that Police patrol cars were shot at by the ‘assassins’.

Yesterday, the the Police spokesperson told reporters at the Police headquarters in Naguru that investigations into allegations that their own officers shot the suspected assassin after his arrest were underway.

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