Parliament Staff Found Guilty of Embezzling Govt Funds, to Be Reprimanded


The Inspector General of Government (IGG) has called upon the Parliamentary Commission to take action against a number of its staff who have been found guilty of embezzling government funds.

According to the IGG’s findings, two of its senior employees Emmanuel Bakwega (Director for Clerks) and Paul Wabwire (Deputy Clerk Parliament Affairs) embezzled close to Shs 100 million.

In a letter written to the Clerk of Parliament, the Inspectorate tasked the Parliamentary Commission to ensure that Bakwega refunds close Shs 49m while Wabwire is supposed to refund Shs 55m meant for a training they were supposed to attend in London but never attended even after being advanced money.

According to the statement, the two are pinned for having falsified accountability for the training which took place in 2015 but they indicated 2016 and accountability that could not correspond with what the IGG discovered upon investigating their claims.

“The duo failed to produce evidence of attending the same seminar, information obtained from Wilton Park (through British High Commission) and from its website indicates that the seminar actually took place in February 2015 not in June 2016 as indicated by Bakwega and Wabwire,” IGG said.

Wilton Park also denied issuing invitation letters, invoices and receipts that were submitted by the officers as part of their accountability documents.

The Inspectorate has also called for action against other officers Abdu Kagimu, Kaganzi Julian, Bosio Sam and Nabitaka Barbra to be disciplined for procurement flaws.

Other officials are on the spot for procurement of a camera and failure to follow procurement guidelines on top of misadvising the accounts department of parliament to pay monies for equipment parts that had already been paid for.

It was discovered in this investigation that M/s MTA Computers Limited supplied a camera in pieces with some camera components missing which inconvenienced its usage up-to-date.

“Initially, the camera components were delivered without the lens and this caused misunderstandings and arguments with the user department. Eventually the tripod was substituted for the lens which in effect altered the specifications,” notes the report.

As such, Abdul Kasule Kagimu the Public Affairs Officer who was the Acting Contract Manager did not seek approval of the Contracts Committee and the Accounting Officer as by law required.

The IGG recommended that Kagimu to be severely reprimanded for neglect of duty and breach of procurement procedures when acting as the Contract Manager and failing to ensure that the appropriate authority was sought in adjusting the specifications to substitute the camera stand with the lens.

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