Pastor Yiga Arrested Over Misleading Statements on Corona Virus

Pastor Yiga alias Abizaayo

Police has arrested Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Church in Kawaala in Kampala, for claiming that government is telling lies about the existence of Covid-19 in Uganda.

In an interview with one of the local media outlets in Kampala on Friday, the controversial man who said he was ready to be arrested, vehemently refuted existence of Coronavirus in the country, saying the disease is the usual influenza that has been here time immemorial.

“Let Government arrest me if it wants. If you love me, love me but if you don’t love me, leave me alone. What is want to say is that there is no Coronavirus in Africa, we don’t have it. I have a question, they say Rwanda now (then) has 41 confirmed cases, how come that non of them has died, do you want to tell me that Rwanda has better medical services than Italy and China?” asked Yiga.

“They say Uganda now (then) has 18 confirmed cases, the President said that out of these, 8 are responding to the medication and have since improved. The person who was confirmed first to have the virus in Uganda is still alive, Does Uganda therefore have better medication than Italy and the U.S whose nationals are dying day and night?”

“Who has ever died of the same disease in Tanzania since confirming the first case? I heard that one victim died in Kenya, that one could have died of something else. Coronavirus is not new here, it is the usual flu we have always had. If you drive to the village, you come back sneezing due to dust,” he added.

The Pastor said the reason what many people in Europe and Asia are dying is because their bodies are too weak to stand it.

His claims did not go well with Dr Dianah Atwiine, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, who today took on twitter to ask police to have him arrested.

“UCC and Police need to help bring this person to book .Our laws are clear on this,” Atwiine commented on a retweet of the video.

Now in the evening, later in the day, SP Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, confirmed Yiga’s arrest, saying the claims undermine government efforts in fighting the COVID 19 pandemic and exposes the public to dangers of laxity in observing the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health on its control and prevention.

“The action of Pastor Yiga promotes the spread of the COVID 19 and can therefore be considered as a direct attack on the people of the Republic of Uganda,” Onyango said.

Yiga has since been whisked to Old Kampala Police Station where is is currently detained. Police says he will be interviewed to establish the motive behind the dangerous utterances.

Uganda so far has 23 confirmed cases of Coronavirus after the Ministry of Health revealing that they had run 227 samples out of which 222 samples tested negative while five tested positive.

Cases of Coronavirus were first reported and confirmed in China in December last year and has since killed 28,812 people globally, 622,548 are infected and 137,391 recovered.

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