PHOTOS: Comedy Store Fans Savour Jokes and Music by Goodlyfe, Naava Grey

Nominees of 2013 BET Awards, Radio and Weasel performing at Comedy Store on Thursday

A night of hilarity and loosening up, laced with a fine dose of electrifying music entertainment. That is how those who graced the comedy themed night at the 400 Bar in Bukoto will recall how they wound up the month of November.

The laughing came in equal measure as the grooving and by the time the show came to a close, many had beaten off their week’s stress.

Uganda’s most revered singing duo Radio and Weasel headlined the show that began a few minutes to 10pm. When they took to stage at 12:20am, the audience had already savoured tonnes of jokes from the comics, particularly MC Mariachi whose popularity is quickly outmatching his slender physique.

Other comedians like Dolibondo, Dikhanio and MC Restaurant had taken turns throwing had hitting punchlines while comic duo; Snake and Zolo brought a live chicken on stage to jest about the impossible demands often made by witchdoctors. It was hilarious.

Earlier, Comedy Store host Alex Muhangi had introduced a surprise act and the unsuspecting crowd would later discover it was songstress Naava Grey of the ‘Nterede’ fame. Surprising as her appearance was, the reception that she got was deafening when she sang ‘Aliba Waani’.

She had set the mood for Radio and Weasel and gladly, they didn’t disappoint when their turn came.

Mowzey Radio was clad in black tee, sky blue denims with a red cap and dark shades while Weasel docked a white t-shirt and black trousers.

The duo opened their act with ‘Talk and Talk’, going non stop with hits from yesteryears and present including ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Kuku’, ‘Tell it’ and ‘Bread n’ Butter’. They further went down the memory lane with once club bangers ‘Ngenda Maaso’, ‘Ability’, ‘Nyambula’ and ‘Nyumbani’.

Occasionally, the award winning singers would freeze the beat and sing raw lines with a masterly of rhythm. Radio recreated a few lines mid way ‘Ngenda Maaso’, alluding to how fast their rivalry with singers Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool has changed over the years.

“We used to fight with Chameleone but now we peck each other… we used to fight with Bebe Cool over Zuena but we reconciled… We used to sing ragga with Bobi Wine but now he’s an MP,” he sang as the audience cheered loudly.

Later, he took a swipe at the host and bragged; “Big up to Alex Muhangi the smartest mukiga. I know you say funny things about us Basoga but what I know is we have the best sound. We can sing.”

Amid visibly sweaty faces, the two singers went on to perform to an unrelenting crowded audience.

It was however their latest ‘Gutamiza’ duet with B2C that stirred up the revellers, almost as though everybody had planned to get off their seats. A true testament that when good music hits you, it’s difficult to hide the feeling.

The full hour electric performance ended at 1:20am.


A lady screams with excitement
RnB songstress Naava Grey received a warm reception during her surprise act
Excited ladies in the audience groove during Radio and Weasel’s music performance
Many of the revellers couldn’t keep in their seats
Funny men Snake and Zolo acting a hilarious joke about witchdoctors
The audience watches was intrigue in the midst of an act by Snake and Zolo
The most popular stand-up comedian today, MC Mariachi also performed
A couple in the audience seem to enjoy a joke
Comedy Store host Alex Muhangi (in stripped suit) sings with the Undercover Band
Comedian Dikhanio (on a seat) and Alex Muhangi jest about clueless callers on radio programs
Singer Mowzey Radio
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