PHOTOS: Muntu Urges Change-seeking Ugandans to Fund Parties as ANT Unveils Ankole Office

Mugisha Muntu (clapping hands) with other ANT leaders at the opening of the party offices in Mbarara.

The new opposition political party, Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) led by Mugisha Muntu has opened its main regional offices for Ankole, in Mbarara municipality.

The offices were unveiled on Thursday at an event attended by Muntu, other party leaders and supporters.

Mugisha Muntu in his remarks thanked the people of the Ankole sub-region for mobilizing funds to put up the ANT regional offices in Mbarara.

He encouraged party supporters to mobilize more funds for the organization to survive.

“The little money we have comes from people and even the much more we need must come from the people. And people must pay because it is them crying for change of power,” he said.

“Change cannot happen when they have not paid money because you cannot harvest what you have not sowed. We are yet to go into a fundraising mood for more funding”.

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