Photos: Museveni Pays Final Respects to Nkurunziza, Lauds His Contribution to Peace in Burundi

President Museveni pays his last respects to deceased President Nkurunziza at Burundi's Embassy in Uganda.

President Yoweri Museveni, accompanied by First Lady Janet Museveni, has this morning  visited the embassy of Burundi to condole with the people of Burundi and the family of His Excellency Pierre Nkuruzinza who passed away on June 8, 2020.

“Among other things, President Nkurunziza is remembered for accepting our advice to come out of the bush and negotiate with then President Buyoya in Arusha; a move that brought peace to Burundi,” President Museveni wrote.

He addded: “I salute his contribution, his demise at such a young age is simply sad. Hakuna maneno mengi, kwa kusema pole peke yake.”

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