PICTORIAL: Bebe Cool and Son Hendrick Had Revelers Fired Up at Comedy Store

Singer Bebe Cool performing at Comedy Store in Lugogo

It’s true what they say that Bebe Cool’s fan base, also known as ‘Gagamel Family’ have the thickest and unwavering loyalty of any musician’s fans’ group in Uganda. When they choose to flaunt their love for the Reggae, Ragga singer, they go all out.

The camp has not only established a firm footprint online and been at the fore in promoting Bebe Cool’s music, they also ensure their presence is felt at any of the singer’s music shows.

When the ‘Wasibuka Wa’ singer made an appearance in Lugogo at weekly comedy themed show, Comedy Store, on Thursday, the Gagamel aura was hard to miss. Bebe Cool was the headlining act at the Alex Muhangi hosted show which is a blend of stand-up, sketch comedy and music entertainment.

It is common that a musician receives the warmest reception when they step on stage or amid a performance of their most popular songs. The rest of the bits will have fructuations in mood from the audience. But this particular Bebe Cool performance seemed to have successfully defied this theory.

Right from the moment he set foot on stage 30 minutes to midnight, the cheering from the revelers was deafening throughout the entire act. He wore what has now become his signature accessory – a cap written on ‘Silent Majority’ – along with a white tee-shirt complete with a casual look.

He would treat the exuberant crowd to many of his groovy songs including ‘Up and Whine’, ‘Batidemu’, ‘Nsilikamu’, ‘Ki Ekiganye’ and ‘Katono’. The list also had some of his rather slow-paced ballads ‘Easy’ and ‘Love you Everyday’.

The self-proclaimed ‘Big Size’ who by all signs was in high spirits spent less time on the stage than he did in the audience getting up close with his die-hard fans.

And they did cease the moment like it was all they will ever get. Hugs, selfie moments, dubbing and anything synonymous with strong obsession.

Later, the singer ushered onto the stage his 24-year-old son, Allan Hendrick Ssali whose voice is strikingly similar to Cool, to make a performance. As though appreciating his effort in grooming his junior, Bebe Cool stood in the background occasionally beaming with a smile as Hendrick sang ‘Tebakutambala’.

But it was a hug that father and son exchanged thereafter that prompted even louder cheering from revelers.

“I don’t need to be in the music industry for many years. Coz I can see God has blessed me. Allah has blessed me,” Bebe Cool would later say.

His thrilling act that lasted almost an hour climaxed what had been a well attended evening of hearty laughter. Singers Vinka and Ykee Benda too had entertained the crowd earlier.

Comedians Teacher Mpamire, Tamale, Optional Allan as well as duos; Maulana & Reign, Bobby Brown & Nilo Nilo and Mighty Family made the night’s line up.


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