Police Arrest Youths who Declared Kawempe ‘Separate State’ Over Age Limit

Police officers drag youths who were protesting in Wandegeya on Monday

Police has arrested and detained six youths who earlier on Monday held blocked roads in Wandegeya protesting the lack of employment and services in Kawempe division in Kampala.

The youths blocked the roads using sacks packed with gubbage, stopping motorists from proceeding towards Kawempe which they said they had reclaimed.

After causing traffic disruption in the busy business area, police swang in and began to drag the angry youths amid resistance. One of the youths was seen assaulting officers in an attempt to prevent them from taking his colleague into custody.

The protest appeared to be inspired by the prevailing political atmosphere particularly, the recent passing of the contentious Age Limit Act which repealed Presidential age caps from the constitution.

“Uganda is going to be shared amongst us. Museveni took his share of Age Limit Bill, so, we are also taking back Kawempe. From today, onwards, Kawempe is ours,” one of the protesters chanted in anger as officers struggled to arrest him.

“Kawempe has now got its own government. I declare myself the IGP. We shall not agree no matter what you do,” he added.

Another unidentified man commented; “Youths are unemployed, teachers and doctors are striking, yet government secured money for Age Limit”.

They claimed they were not ready to become slaves in their own country.

The youths who are believed to be residents of Kawempe claimed that non residents of Kawempe had taken all the job opportunities leaving them to suffer, and hence they were reclaiming it.

The O.C Wandegeya Police station said they received reports that a group of people were disrupting business in the market which prompted Police to swing in.

“We got information that there were people causing commotion and rushed there. We can’t sit and watch as people detroy other people’s property,” the arresting officer at Wandegeya police station said.

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