Police Releases Image of Suspected Killer of Abducted Social Worker, Driver

One of the suspected killers of Nagirinya, captured by CCTV cameras as he drove the victim's car.

Security agencies have released photos retrieved from CCTV camera footage that show one of the people suspected to have kidnapped and murdered social worker Mariam Nagirinya and her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa.

Police issued a statement on Wednesday showing multiple still photos captured by CCTV cameras. Security say the images show incidents that occurred prior to and after the kidnapping of the duo last week on Wednesday.

The images have been retrieved from an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera, Deputy Police spokesperson, ACP Polly Namaye said.

From the images, one of the assailants, who was in the driver’s seat is seen wearing a white shirt, a reddish coat and a cap on his head. He is of a dark skin complexion.

Now, security agencies are appealing to the public to volunteer any information that could help in identifying and apprehending the assailant.

“This is therefore to appeal to members of the public, and to any other person(s) who have useful information, leading to the arrest of this suspect in the pictures to contact the nearest Police station or call telephone numbers,” ACP Namaye said.

The kidnap and murder of Nagirinya, Kitayimbwa along with other similar cases that have occurred in Kampala in recent days have revived the debate on how efficient security agencies’ systems are in curbing the crime which heightened in 2018.

Some say the CCTV cameras the government had hoped would facilitate the clampdown on urban crime have not necessarily been helpful, particularly in the case of Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa. Police has been faulted by Nagirinya’s family for dragging its feet even when the kidnap was reported on time and the car in which the two victims had been moved was identified by CCTV cameras prior to their murder.

Earlier this week, Police said it is holding a total of 10 suspects in connection to the murder.

Maria Nagirinya Gateni was the Assistant Project Manager at CIDI an NGO based in Muyenga.

She and her driver were reportedly kidnapped at Nagirinya’s gate in Lungujja Busega Community Zone at around 11pm. The abductors drove the two in Nagirinya’s own car to an unknown destination before killing and dumping them in Nakitukuli, Mukono district.

Their bodies were found on Friday.

According to Police, Nagirinya who used to drive herself, on the fateful day, informed her Aunt that she was feeling unwell who requested Kitayimbwa to drive her back home.

But at 11:50pm, the two were kidnapped as they approached her gate. As they approached the home, Nagirinya had contacted her friend to open the gate.

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