Police starts registering homes


Police have started registering homes around the country. The Inspector General of Police,  Gen Kale Kayihura while visiting Nansana, said police is set to introduce a system of neighbourhood watch through registering homes.

Addressing journalists on Monday, police spokesperson Asan Kasingye said they have started registering homes where they would get one leader amongst themselves.

“LC and police are now tasked with moving house to house registering homesteads,” Kasingye said.

“One coordinator is chosen from among 10 homesteads and he will be tasked to report to police in case of any threat.”

He explained that the strategy is aimed at creating awareness and vigilance.

“We have started with Kampala Metropolitan Area and we will later cover the entire country,”.Kasingye said.

According to police, registration of homes would help in fighting increased crime in the various parts of the country.

Over 10 people have been killed in the past two months in both Entebbe and Nansana areas of Kampala Metropolitan.

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