Police Warn of Possible Terror Activity Disguised as Tax Protests

Police spokesperson, SSP Emilian Kayima displays the seized loudspeaker to the press at CPS on Monday

Ugandans have been cautioned over possible terrorism attacks which Police say are being plotted by individuals using loud speakers planted in select urban locations.

The warning was made by the Police spokesperson, SSP Emilian Kayima on Monday while addressing reporters at the Central Police Station. Kayima said that Police has so far seized one loudspeaker from downtown Kampala.

The message recorded on the speaker rallies Ugandans to reject the recently introduced taxes on social media as well as mobile money transactions.

“Citizens, all Ugandan citizens, this message goes to you and it concerns you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time to come out and reject the tax on social media and mobile money,” the recorded message states.

“What’s the purpose of this tax? There are many things for which we are paying taxes but what has this tax done?” it adds.

The recording is repeated over and over.

“This is an exhibit from downtown here. We have credible information that quite a number of these loudspeakers have been purchased to mobilize communities against paying OTT tax,” he said.

He however added that this isn’t the primary motive, based on the intelligence by Police.

“This [recording] is to hoodwink you becasue there’s something bigger going on. According to our intelligence, people plan to get loudspeakers of this nature and possibly plant bombs there, and as you gather to enjoy the message, you might be blown,” he said.

He said that the recording is just a bait to commit more serious crimes and appealed to Ugandans not to fall for it.

“We ask those propagating this to stop,” he appealed, saying that these actions are unlawful as they amount to terrorism and inciting of violence.

He added that; “We have warned you. We don’t want any Ugandan to die as a result of this”.

He said Police is studying the voice behind the recording to ascertain who the person is.

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