Police Warns Celebrities on Arrogance After Comedian Mariachi’s Arrest

SSP Emilian Kayima, the Police Spokesperson during Monday's press conference at CPS

The Police Spokesperson, SSP Emilian Kayima has warned celebrities and other popular figures to desist from what he termed as “the habit of arrogance” which often puts them in conflict with the law.

Kayima was commenting on the arrest of popular city comedian, Charles Kasozi alias MC Mariachi who was apprehended on Saturday night together with his right hand man. Mariachi, 30, is said to have been driving in the wrong lane, on a one way road in the city.

However, when the two were stopped by a Police traffic officer, they allegedly defied the orders and assaulted him. In the process, they tore the officer’s uniform.

The two are currently being detained at Old Kampala Police Station.

“I want to warn our celebrities against their arrogance and refusal to comply with officers on duty. We have one of them [celebrities] in our cells. Mariachi was arrested for assaulting an officer on duty,” Kayima told reporters on Monday.

He also revealed that the comedian was driving under the influence of alcohol and that he failed to comply with directives of an officer who was on duty.

“I think this [behavior] drops their profile. So, this is a warning to everyone. You need to stay calm and humble even when you are a celebrity,” the Police mouthpiece cautioned.

“Let this be a lesson to the others. It is a calling to those who haven’t been arrested not to attempt. Use your popularity responsibly”.

Mariachi will be produced in courts of law anytime and is likely to be charged with offences relating to obstruction of the law, drunk driving and assaulting a Police officer.

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