Power Blackout Causes Panic Among FDC Delegates Over Possible Rigging

Namboole stadium covered in darkness

Voting came to standstill at the Mandela National stadium as electricity went off for 10 minutes amid casting votes for FDC party President.

This happened at 7:20pm and lasted ten minutes before a generator was switched on.

Delegates who had already cast their votes were heard heckling expressing fear for possible vote rigging.

“You want to rig Muntu’s votes, security officers tighten those boxes to prevent selfseekers,” said one of the delegates.

Things worsened further when another blackout happened at 7:35pm, although it didn’t last long when off.

Dan Mugarula, the party’s Electoral Chairperson, called for calm from delegates and assured them of safety of their votes.

Meanwhile, as we write this story (7:50pm), delegates from twenty districts have not yet cast their votes making it unclear, when the final results will be announced but, some of the delegates we spoke are optimistic about ending the exercise peacefully.

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