Pressure, Selfish Management Force Stecia Mayanja to Quit Golden Band

Female singer, Stecia Mayanja (R) performing at a previous concert.

Popular female musician, Stecia Mayanja of the ‘Kabalagala’ fame has thrown in the towel at the Golden Band where she has been member and lead singer for several years.

She, along with Catherine Kusasira, Mesarch Semakula, Grace Sekamatte, Fred Seruga, Ronald Mayinja and Maurine Nantume were among the members that formed the group after the split in the once prominent ‘Eagles Production’ music band.

The others; Geoffrey Lutaya and Irene Namatovu formed De Nu Eagles.

“I have loved my job and my company with all my heart, I’ve done a lot and scarified a lot for my band, I went through unwanted marriage for the sake of my company, faced all hard times in my marriage without anyone’s help but only Allah’s because of my company” wrote Stecia Mayanja in a leaked letter addressed to the Management of Golden Band.

In the letter, the ‘Equaliser’ singer recounts the numerous risks, sacrifices, patience, and the tough times she has had to endure for the good of the band, but all for nothing.

She blames her colleagues in Golden band for restraining themselves from performing on her shows which she attributes to hatred and envy.

A frustrated Stecia regrets having exhibited too much love for the band which has done nothing but disappoint her. From the tone of the emotional letter, it is obvious she is heartbroken, but it’s also clear that with Golden band, it’s ‘Game Over’ as the title of one of her songs states.

Despite her efforts to resolve issues within the band, non of this has helped to make things better, she said.

“It has been very hard to call for meetings because my bosses claim to be very busy even when they know they have issues besides being patient and continued working for those who don’t come for my shows because of the hatred in the company,” the singer said.

She recalls a recent incident when the Management pulled the plug on a show she had organised at the very last minute. People had already bought tickets and accessed the venue on the d-day when she received a call to cancel the show and refund those that had paid.

The reason they gave her was – there were no other artistes to perform alongside her.

Stecia recounts having fallen unconscious and was rushed to the hospital after the incident.

This, she says, demonstrated a lot of selfishness on the part of the Directors towards her.

“I have never thought of leaving this band but the situation has forced me to,” she wrote, adding that she is not ready to leave her kids or live a paralyzed life forever due to the pressure of Golden band.

But this is far from the end of her music career, she said.

“I am not going to sit because I haven’t fulfilled my dreams or goals. I will continue working but with only those who are still looking for their dreams or goals to come true”.

She used the letter to thank Mesarch Semakula for trusting her, but also for hating her.

“I thank you for the hatred you have always shown me. You’ve made me string and taught me a very goof lesson that no society will ever defeat me,” Stecia said.

Our entertainment desk made efforts to contact Messach Semakula and Ronald Mayinja who make up the Management of the band, for their comment on the issue, but to no avail.

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