Public Warned of Gunshots at Parliament as President’s Daughter Shoots Liberation Movie

President's daughter, Natasha Karugire pictured during the shooting of one of the movie scenes

Parliament has alerted the public of likely firing of gunshots inside Parliament and within its precincts in the coming days, stating that there should be no cause for panic.

The alert was issued by Parliament’s Director of Communication and Public Relations, Chris Obore, who revealed that the gunshots are part of an ongoing film production.

Obore said that a number of unusual activities will take place at Parliament and the surrounding areas which will include increased movement of people along the roads, presence of actors in military fatigue and equipment.

“There will be simulated gun sounds heard as the film crew and the actors shoot the film; the General public is advised to avoid the roads around Parliament as they will be sealed off to any traffic and also to remain calm as there is no cause of alarm,” Obore said.

The activities, Obore said, are by Isaiah 60 Production, a local film company based in Kampala and have been authorized by all the relevant authorities including Parliament, Uganda Police Force and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

The shooting of the movie scenes at Parliament and the surrounding roads will take place on March 9, 10 and 11.

The scenes are part of a movie titled ’27 Guns’ the first project to be undertaken by the production company, which tells the story of President Yoweri Museveni’s liberation struggle that ended three decades ago.

It is borrowed from the events of the guerilla war struggle in which a group of 43 militants with 27 guns took on the Milton Obote regime in 1981 and captured power. The movie was initially set to be released on Liberation Day in January but was later delayed for unknown reasons.

Arnold Mubangizi a former member of Kigezi Kinimba Actors takes on the role of a youthful Yoweri Museveni while Natasha’s sister Diana Kamuntu acts as Hon. Janet, the wife to Museveni. Other actors include Michael Wawuyo Jr, Maureen Jolly and Hussein Marijan who feature on NTV drama deries ‘Deception’.

The production company, Isaiah 60 is jointly owned by First Daughter, Natasha Karugire and her cousin sister, Esteri Akandwanaho. It was launched last year.

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