Rajiv Ruparelia Slaps DFCU Intention to Sue for Breach of Confidence

A formerly Crane Bank now DFCU Bank branch. Inset is Rajiv Ruparelia.

Rajiv Ruparelia, son to Uganda’s business mogul, Sudhir Ruparelia has hit back at DFCU Bank with a notice of legal action for what he calls inconvenience and breach of confidence.

His notice came three days after DFCU Bank threatened to file a criminal suit against him for what the bank says is a malicious media campaign against it which is allegedly sponsored by Rajiv.

The bank through its lawyers said that over the last 10 months, since DFCU Bank legally acquired some of the assets and assumed some of the liabilities of Crane Bank (owned by Sudhir Ruparelia), Rajiv “has sponsored, coordinated and propagated a fake news campaigns against DFCU” with a view to cause it to collapse.

DFCU accused Rajiv Ruparelia of paying online news sites and blogs to publish falsehoods that portray it (DFCU) in bad light.

“You have variously paid the operators of online news sites and blogs to spread malicious falsehoods about our client and its Senior Management, all to create an impression that our client is in a precarious financial situation and an ownership and management crisis whereas that is not the case,” DFCU’s lawyers wrote in the notice.

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Now, Walusimbi and Company Advocates acting on behalf of Rajiv are demanding a public apology from the bank in addition to honoring his customer rights.

They argue that the notice by DFCU published and widely circulated among others Rajiv’s phone number which caused enormous inconvenience. The said number, Rajiv’s lawyers say, was a detail given to DFCU Bank (in confidence) since the number is tied to his bank account formerly held in Crane Bank Ltd.

The notice dated October 8 is addressed to the Secretary of DFCU Bank who received it on the same day.

“Our client begrudges this breach of confidence actionable both civilly and criminally and accordingly requires an immediate formal apology similarly shared on all platforms hitherto published to,” Rajiv Ruparelia’s legal team demands in the notice.

They demand that the apology be made not later than the close of business this week.

“Our client also demands that the publications expressed as a notice of legal action dated October 5 be forthwith retracted from the aforesaid forums and his rights be honored in full”.

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