Rwandan Charged for Illegal Entry and Loitering Around Uganda’s Security Installations Granted Bail

Rwandan national, Moses Ishimwe Rutare in court.

The Nakawa Grade One Magistrate, Fiona Angula has Monday released on bail a Rwandan national, Moses Ishimwe Rutare who is charged with illegal entry and stay in Uganda.

Ishimwe has been granted a Shs 2 million cash bail and his two sureties were asked to pay a non-cash bail, before the matter was adjourned to April 1 this year.

It is reported that the accused was arrested in Bugolobi by security operatives in December, 2018 on allegations of lingering near a Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) installation.

His lawyer, Walyemera Daniel, says prior to his arrest, he had spent two months in Kampala after entering Uganda in October. He argued that his being in Uganda was not illegal since by law, citizens of members of the East African Community are allowed a six months period of stay.

His arraignment in Court comes at a time when Rwanda is accusing Uganda for detaining and deporting some of its nationals. But Uganda has since refuted the allegations saying the only Rwandans who are detained and deported are those involved in undercover criminal acts intended to comprimise Uganda’s national security and due judicial process has been followed to deport them to Rwanda while others have been charged in court.

It is not clear why Rwanda is against Uganda acting against some of their nationals who are nabbed breaking the law.

In a statement while responding to Rwanda’s previous allegations of harassing Rwandans in Uganda, Foreign affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa said the allegations are false since Uganda welcomes all foreigners who visit Uganda and operate within the laws of the land.

“It is well known that Uganda welcomes and maintains an open door policy for people of all nationalities including Rwandans wishing to visit the country. Rwandans are welcome to visit Uganda,” Kutesa said.

“It is not by mistake that Uganda is the largest refugee host country in the continent,” he added.

The minister reiterated however, that all foreign visitors including Rwandans, are expected to abide by laws in Uganda saying “those who act contrary to the law are dealt with in accordance with the law” and that visitors including Rwandans have nothing to fear as long as they are law abiding.

Giving an example of the gruesome murders of different Muslim clerics and government officials in the recent past, Kutesa said government is vigilant and “committed to protecting the security of its citizens and it’s borders and will act accordingly against local and foreign threats.”

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