Sheraton Hotel Serves French Cuisine to Mark Goût de France Event

Sheraton Hotel served different French cuisines to mark Goût de France.

The French community in Uganda last week joined the rest of the world to experience a France gastronomy dubbed as Goût de France (also known as Good France) through sharing a special “French dinner” at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

Goût de France is an annual event that demonstrates a cuisine rooted in its time that takes into account the need of the moment, respect for the planet and well-being.

Each menu celebrates French gastronomy in all its diversity, with over 1,000 chefs on all five continents taking part in sending a proposal of quality products to the selected hotel.

The participants were treated to a festive gastronomy which values ​​not only the artisans and the products of the soil but also a responsible cooking, concerned with the preservation of the environment.

Chef Alexander Pavlovic and Chef Pascal Holsten of the Sheraton Kampala Hotel were among those selected to participate in this festival to prepare the French unique cuisine.

Speaking at the event on Thursday evening, Chef Pavlovic said that he was delighted to have been contacted by the French Embassy to participate in Goût De France a historical event which brings him great pleasure.

“As chefs, it’s a unique experience and pleasure to be part of the event that is happening all over the World,” Alexander said.

Alexander said that the foods that were prepared were original French food using local food items and present it in a modern way giving meal a unique taste.

On his part, Chef Pavlovic said that for months now together with his team, they have spent time studying menus for hours, making sure that the items chosen are all cooked to perfection.

During the festival, a “French-style” menu was served at the Seven Seas restaurant with a traditional French Amuse Bouche which entails Macarons with Liver Pate, Macarons with Basil & Cream Cheese Mousse, cold starter, hot starter, fish dish, meat dish, French Cheese and amazing Dessert of Peanut Crust Raspberries Coulis, Sherry Cabiar and Dried Basil.

Pavlovic added that the foods were accompanied by French wines and digestives, so as to highlight the French own culinary traditions and cultures.

He added that the Menu honors the merits of French cuisine taking into account its capacity for innovation, its values, while at the same time sharing, enjoying and respecting the principles of high quality and environmentally responsible food.

Since time immemorial, French cuisine has been accepted and acknowledged, world over to be the best and most imaginative to be found.

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