Sheraton Hotel Treats Christians to Early Christmas Party

A guest serving themselves during the Christmas dinner party.

As the festive season draws closer, Sheraton Kampala Hotel has treated its clients and partners to an early Christmas celebration with an exciting dinner party.

The celebrations saw a number of special guests, socialites, corporate and diplomats in attendance and were treated to lots of entertainment from comedians, live band music and traditional dances as well as delicious bites and wines.

“Although the calendar still reads November, there are so many pleasant, charitable and exciting things about this holiday season that we cannot wait for December to kick off the celebration and it is the reason Sheraton Hotel has launched the Christmas Campaign in November,” said Sheraton Hotel General Manager, Jean Philippe Bittencourt.

The Sheraton boss said that this extraordinary Christmas themed event has been a tradition at Sheraton Kampala Hotel for decades with a variety of delicious meals and drinks served to invited guests who were mainly clients drawn from different sectors of Ugandan business spectrum.

“We are grateful to all the support we have received from you, our customers, partners, clients and well-wishers this year and for making time to be part of this amazing celebration as we usher you into the festive season,” Bittencourt said.

Bittencourt said that Sheraton is big on the concept of community and bringing people together to harmonize and synergize and feel proud of being the world’s gathering place because they create a conducive space for people to mingle, connect and appreciate the magical feeling of festivals like Christmas.

He emphasized that this season, the hotel will be offering lots of Christmas goodies such as Tots Xmas party, Christmas turkey and brunch, Thanksgiving Dinner and a bang Happy New Year celebration.

“Christmas celebration is one of the many ways for the hotel to say thank you to each and every one of you and the support given through the entire year; let’s drink, dine and net-work as we get into the Christmas spirit,” he said.

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