Sironko: Justice Wangutusi Rallies Residents to Embrace Small Claims Procedure

Justice David K. Wangutusi (L) during the launch of the Small Claims Procedure in Sironko district.

The head of the Commercial Division of the High Court, Justice David K. Wangutusi, has asked residents of Sironko district to embrace Small Claims Procedure (SCP) as one of the ways of shortening the lengthy and costly court processes.

He was presiding over the launch of SCP at the Sironko Magistrate’s Court where he addressed hundreds of people gathered there.

The event was attended by the Acting Registrar Small Claims Procedure, Lillain Bucyana, political and religious leaders, representatives of the Uganda Law Society, the Community Service and other JLOS representatives

The Judiciary is currently conducting countrywide tours, educating masses on Small Claims Procedure and launching it.

SCP is a civil claim whose subject matter value does not exceed Shs 10m. It can be used for matters arising out of the supply of goods, debts and rent.

“The parties to a small claim are mediated by a judicial officer to reach a quick agreement, avoiding technical procedures, excluding lawyers, consequently shortening the usually lengthy and costly court process,” Justice Wangutusi said.

He explained that the procedure only handles matters whose value do not exceed Shs 10m and one does not require any legal representation and the parties involved will not waste their money during the procedure.

He however said that with the procedure, the parties have no room for appealing but in case they find new evidence that can change the outcomes of the case, they can apply for a review.

The Justice used the function to applaud the Chief Magistrate, James Ereemye and the Grade One Magistrate Kitiyo Patrick for their excellent work in the area.

On his part, Mulekwa Herbert the Sironko District Chairman, said that procedure once instituted will help in quick delivery of justice

“So many relationships have been soiled due to debts, people have lost property and many are languishing in the prisons just because they failed to honor their debts. This procedure I believe will help in amicable resolution of disputes,” he said.

The Chief Magistrate James Ereemye thanked the district Chairman and his team for allocating 20 acres of land for construction of prisons and 4 plots for construction of a police station. He however requested the judge that they construct the DPP offices closer to Sironko court instead of Bulambuli.

He also thanked the JLOS representatives for always involving the judiciary whenever they hold bazaars around the different areas in the district.


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