SPORT: 2019 Corporate Games Set For March 3

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The Corporate Games League 2019 second outing, is scheduled for March 3, 2019 at Mandela national stadium (Namboole) with the main focus on soccer and fun games.

The games are aimed at bringing together corporate companies from various sectors such as telecommunications, agriculture, insurance, banking, construction, beverage, audit and accounting, legislators, education, trade and industry and media.

According to organizers, this year’s Season will have over 30 companies participating in various games including football in 10 outings, athletics, netball, volleyball, and basketball in 6 outings, cycling, corporate runs, swimming, tag of war, pool and wood ball.

They say a number of fun games will take place in the outings every first Sunday of the month up to December.

These outings will provide an excellent platform for any company to showcase and promote their products and services to over 5,000 participating corporate staff in addition to the general public.

The Chairman Corporate games Uganda, Ian Rumanyika, said female participants and those with disabilities have been included in the slots and are free to register.

“We encourage female participation and interaction among participating corporate staff members that is, we play seven aside in soccer where two of the players should be female,” Rumanyika said.”

“A corporate company with an active staff who has a disability will earn 3 points,” he added.

He however notes that players licenced by national sports bodies and those who can not prove their employment with their companies are not allowed to participate. The move, he said, intends to “promote a healthy lifestyle considering the importance of a regular exercise among corporates.”

Rumanyika adds that entrance is free to members of the public since they need to attend and have fun, as well as supporting and cheering on the participating companies.

The Corporate Games Uganda Ltd is a registered Sports management company that organises corporate games, corporate runs, team building, kids’ league and corporate social responsibility, in Uganda with the main objective inspiring corporates through sports.

The company aspires to bring together corporate staff from various companies on a monthly basis to engage in various sporting activities and creating an environment where individuals from different companies/organizations go to interact on a personal and team basis as well as networking in terms of businesses and at the end of the season an annual awards dinner.

The dinner acts as an external team building programme for the member companies and will improve on the physical fitness of many employees who are tied up possibly for long hours behind their desks in the corporate world.

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