Kadaga Endorses Miss Curvy Contest, Pledges to Correct Misconception

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has promised to champion the campaign to correct the misconception surrounding the Miss Curvy beauty contest which has in recent weeks been criticized by activists, MPs and a section of the public.

Kadaga made the commitment Wednesday while meeting with organizers of the beauty pageant who had delivered a petition to the Speaker.

The delegation was led by the Miss Curvy Uganda Uganda CEO, Annie Mungoma who noted that there is a misconception in the public sphere that the contest is aimed at promoting sex tourism which they sought to clear.

“We felt offended during the debate on the floor of the House when some legislators branded our pageant as a sex tourism event. But during the launch of the event, there was no statement relating to that,” Mungoma said.

She told the Speaker of Parliament that the Miss Curvy pageant is the first of its kind in Uganda but it is happening elsewhere around the world. Mungoma said it seeks to recognize Ugandan women who are of plus size so as to enhance their visibility so that society can appreciate them.

This event will among others change the narrative about feminism and pageantry owing to the fact that in the past, beauty has only been viewed through the prism of slim size, she said.

“We thought that plus size women will never have a chance because this is a concept that has changed the mindset of the people. There is another category that we can lay a platform so that they can represent Uganda and be ambassadors of beauty from Uganda,” Mungoma said.

She noted that the contest will help boost the fashion and beauty in the plus size category.

“We want to educate, inspire and empower plus-sized women in various aspects like health, culture, environment and we want these to be ambassadors to fellow women and youth as they develop their esteem,” She added.

“We want to display beauty through size, we want someone who will be an ambassador to tourism because once tourists come to the country, the first thing they encounter is we the people.”

In response, Kadaga noted that it is true that society looks at beauty in one form adding that no class of people should be discriminated against simply because of their size since that is who they are.

“I think there is really no problem with this event, the impression that tourists will come and see the curvy women was a misconception but you have clarified it and I will inform the House because it is your right to represent your country,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker added: “I am satisfied and I will inform the House to clarify on the matter so that every body is at peace.”

The pageant was launched on February 5 at Mestil Hotel in Kampala by State Minister for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi alongside Mungoma and other participants. While speaking at the launch, the Minister said the contest would go a long way in promoting tourism as it would shine the spotlight on Uganda’s naturally endowed women.

However, the headlines about the contest sparked an uproar from Ugandans on social media, many questioning its rationale and how exactly it intends to position Uganda as a preferred tourist destination. Others have since called for the contest to be cancelled on morality grounds.

‘Miss Curvy’ is About Appreciating Beauty not Attracting Tourists, Kiwanda Clarifies

The Minister of State for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda has come out to clarify that the Miss Curvy Uganda beauty contest which has in the last few days become controversial, is not about attracting tourists but rather to appreciate the beauty of Ugandan women.

The Minister made the clarification on Wednesday in a statement presented to Parliament following the public uproar from a section of Ugandans who have accused him of branding women as objects of tourism.

Kiwanda said that the Miss Curvy pageant is not meant to present women as objects of tourism attraction, adding that just like any other pageant, Miss Curvy is meant to appreciate Uganda’s beauty.

The pageant was launched a week ago by the Minister. It seeks to celebrate the Ugandan women who are naturally endowed with curvaceous bodies. Organizers said they wanted to change the perception that only the slim sized women can participate in beauty contests.

Kiwanda told Parliament on Wednesday that it is unfortunate that the press misquoted him as having said, “We have naturally endowed nice looking women that are amazing to look at. Why don’t we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry”.

“This is very wrong and I would like to categorically make it clear that I did not make such a statement. I was approached by Miss Curvy Uganda Beauty Pageant through a letter signed by Mrs Annie Mungoma the C.E.O, inviting me to the launch of the Beauty Pageant at Mestil Hotel Nsambya,” Kiwanda said.

“Among their objectives, they noted that the winner(s) would alongside other beauty queens around Africa engage in humanitarian activities focused on healthy living of women and children,” Kiwanda explained.

The Minister told Parliament that organizing beauty pageants is not new to Uganda, citing examples like Miss Tourism, Miss Uganda, Miss Earth, Regional Cluster Pageants, social clubs, pageants at universities, Mr Kampala among others.

“Beauty pageants or beauty contests have traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants (many a time women), although most contests have evolved to also incorporate personality traits, intellect, talent, and answers as per judges’ criteria.”

“Thus, looking at the concept of Miss Curvy Uganda, I compared it with the other ongoing pageants. Whilst the rest of the pageants put much emphasis on the eligibility criteria take for instance – Height (5’5 and above), 18-25 years of age, single, non engaged, slim and slender, the question that came to my mind just like would for many of you was”.

He said that if there are contests for the small sized ladies, there is no reason why Uganda cannot celebrate diversity of indigenous African women’s beauty without focusing on whether or not one is slim.

Kiwanda said that his participation at the launch of Miss Curvy should not be misinterpreted since his focus was more to support a ‘beauty standard’ that is in line with the native cultural preferences and not using “curvy women” to attract tourists.

Kiwanda Launches ‘Miss Curvy’ Pageant that Celebrates Naturally Endowed Ladies

The State Minister for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi has launched ‘Miss Curvy’, a beauty pageant aimed at celebrating Ugandan ladies with natural endowments.

Organizers, a partnership between the Tulambule Wild initiative and Mestil Hotel, say the event will enhance the visibility and appreciation of curvaceous ladies as they walk the run way.

Minister Kiwanda launched the beauty pageant at Mestil Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday. The contest will take place every year in celebration of the big, bold and beautiful plus size Ugandan ladies.

“It will be an exceptional event that will see young ladies showcase their beautifu curves and intellect,” read part of a statement issued by organizers.

They say the idea behind the concept is to banish the ‘beauty is seize zero’ perception and attract healthy ladies who are proud of the way they look and also to celebrate natural curves.

Organizers add that the ‘Miss Curvy’ contest will promote a healthy attitude tobody image and celebrate true African beauty. 

Finale for HIV Themed Beauty Pageant Slated for Friday

It is just days to the fifth edition of ‘Mr and Miss Y+’, a beauty contest with a focus of eradicating HIV/AIDS among the youth.

The beauty pageant will be running under the theme ‘’Confronting HIV with bold steps’’. There have been a number of build up activities in recent months which will climax with a red-carpet grand finale slated to take place at Sheraton Hotel on Friday November 23.

According to Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV (UNYPA), this year’s edition of the pageant will focus on advocating for a stigma-free environment for young people living with HIV and ending all forms of violence against women and girls in Uganda.

It also seeks to provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of meaningful involvement of young affected persons with HIV in program design and as well empowering them as ambassadors of change with advocacy skills.

The Y+ beauty contest was launched in September before rolling out regional auditions and later a boot camp.

The annual event envisions beauty with zero discrimination, as well as celebrating the inner beauty and strengthening young people living with HIV.

Atleast 18 contestants who are currently in a week long boot camp on key advocacy, life and hands-on skills training, are tussling for the crown.