There’s No Beef Between Us – Alex Muhangi, Salvador

Comedians Alex Muhangi (C), Patrick Salvador (L) and MC Mariachi (R) share the stage on Comedy Store

Celebrated stand-up comedians, Alex Muhangi and Patrick Salvador have rubbished speculations that they are not at good terms, declaring that there is no beef whatsoever between them.

This happened during the Comedy Store end of the year show on Thursday at 400 Bar in Bukoto when Salvador made a surprise appearance. He did not only appear, but also performed on stage.

The unsuspecting audience was surprised to hear Muhangi introduce his long time friend, Salvador as the next performer.

“Forget those things you hear that me and Salvador have beef. Salvador is my brother. We have no beef,” Muhangi who hosts the weekly show told the audience.

Salvador made it to the stage amid loud applause. But his stage presence was not the only statement made to affirm that him and Muhangi are no foes.

He sat throughout the entire show in company of his fiancée, Daphine Frankstock and the two had a hearty laugh.

“Put yo hands together for Alex Muhangi ladies and gentlemen. Don’t listen to what the media says. Me and Aleku have no beef. I don’t like sharing,” the self proclaimed ‘Man from Ombokolo’ said as he opened his act.

“How do you have beef with Aleku? Look at my size and his. Anyway, am so happy to be here,” he went on to say.

The two comedians later appeared on stage together, alongside funny man, MC Mariachi and laughed off several jokes.

It was the first time Salvador was performing at Muhangi’s show ever since it changed its venue from Diners Lounge.

A night before the show, Muhangi and Salvador had been spotted together having what seemed as a good time at the Fenon Records’ End of Year party.

Alex Muhangi and Patrick Salvador were eight years ago part of ‘Stand Up Uganda’, an M-Net reality series competition that paved way for the rise of stand-up comedy in the country.

They have since risen to popularity and performed on several big comedy platforms in Africa, the United States and Europe.

But recently, when Alex Muhangi moved his show from the Bukoto based Diners Lounge Bar, after misunderstandings with the management, he hinted at the fact that his own people had betrayed him.

When he left, his peers in the industry including Salvador, his brother and Ronie McVex started a similar show at the same venue. This led many to believe that the move would cause a deep rift between Muhangi and Salvador.

But Thursday’s bromance between the two comics could be a good way for them to rekindle their once solid friendship, that’s if it ever ceased anyway.

(Photos by Nelly Salvatore)

Salvador performing during the show on Thursday
Salvador’s fiancée, Daphine Frankstock (in leopard print top) seems to enjoy a joke


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