Uganda Blocks Rwandan News Site, 6 Blogs for Peddling Propaganda Harmful to National Security

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) head offices in Kampala

Communications regulator, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has come out to confirm that they have blocked Rwanda’s state-run ‘The New Times’ and 6 other blogs for publishing what the Commission has described as “harmful propaganda” to Uganda’s National Security.

According to UCC spokesperson, Ibrahim Bbosa, the blogs were blocked last week.

“The Commission instructed operators to block sites of what we deemed to be errant online publishers who are largely based in Rwanda and they were peddling harmful propaganda that would endanger our national security as a country,” Bbosa told SoftPower News in an interview.

The blocking comes a week to the signing of a peace and security pact by Heads of State of Uganda and Rwanda committing that both countries will respect the sovereignty of each other signaling a gesture of mending the frosty relations between Uganda and Rwanda which existed for a couple of months.

As such, Bbosa says UCC is in touch with their counterparts (communication regulator) in Rwanda in the interest of the regional regulatory understanding as well as the Memorandum of understanding that was signed by Presidents Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame in Luanda, Angola yesterday “to see how they (Rwandan regulator) can prevail over this.”

“In our perspective, the blocking we effected is a temporary measure as long as we can work out harmonious ways of how to deal with it between ourselves and the regulators in Rwanda,” explains the UCC spokesperson.

The Kigali administration has previously blocked some Ugandan news websites including SoftPower News and for several months now, they remain out of access in Rwanda. Rwandan readers say they access the blocked sites through VPN.

SoftPower News was blocked by Rwanda in January 2018 when it published this story: INVESTIGATION: Rwandan Propaganda Against Uganda Diversionary from Police Aided Illegal Repatriation

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