Uganda’s Anyakun Nominated to Inter Parliamentary Union Executive Committee

Delegates congratulate Nakapiripirit Woman MP, Esther Anyakun (L), on her nomination.

Nakapiripirit Woman MP, Esther Anyakun was Saturday nominated to represent Africa on the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Executive Committee for a two-year term.

This took place during the general meeting of the IPU Africa Group at the Sava Centre in Belgrade, Serbia.

IPU is a global organization of the Parliaments of sovereign states with an objective of arbitration of conflicts, promotion of democracy and inter-parliamentary dialogue.

The meeting was held prior to the Governing Council meeting of the 141st IPU Assembly.

Anyakun was nominated to the position by Kenya MP, Jacqueline Oduol and seconded by Nigeria’s lawmaker, Zakariyau Mohammed Galadim, who said Uganda had a formidable legislative agenda for the Africa region.

Speaking after her nomination, the Nakapiripirit district lawmaker acknowledged the support from the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, Ugandan MPs as well the African legislators, saying the solidarity showed promise of good working relations in pushing Africa’s legislative agenda to the world.

“On the Executive Committee, many proposals are made that are approved by the Governing Council of the Inter Parliamentary Union and sent to the member Parliaments for debate and adoption, so this is something we want to take advantage of,” Anyakun said.

She explained that Uganda was going to take the opportunity to push for the replication of day-care centres for lactating mothers in Parliaments across the world, so as to ease the work of female legislators and staff who are nursing babies.

“Parliament of Uganda has a wing where lactating mothers can easily take care of their babies without the inconvenience of having to go back home to do that. This is one thing we will encourage all Parliaments around the world to take up,” she added.

She listed other areas for consideration as including climate change, education, child labour and terrorism among others, which she said ought to be urgently addressed.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is one of four major organs of the IPU. Others are the assembly, governing council and secretariat.

It is the administrative organ of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

It is composed of the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, 15 members belonging to different Parliaments (elected by the Governing Council, not less than 12 are elected from among the members of the Governing Council) and the President of the Coordinating Committee of the Meeting of Women Parliamentarians.

The fifteen elected seats are assigned to the geopolitical groups. Only parliamentarians from States where women have both the right to vote and the right to stand for election are eligible to the Executive Committee.

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