UMSC Takes Over William Street Mosque Amid Heavy Security Deployment

The property handed to UMSC by gov't.

The Muslim community in Kampala Sunday woke up to news of heavy security teams deployed at Masjid Noor Mosque commonly known as William Street Mosque.

Unconfirmed reports also indicate that security officers both in uniform and in plain clothes have also been deployed at Nakasero Mosque.

At William Street, security personnel armed with guns and batons are seen pushing away onlookers and journalists who are converging in the area seemingly wondering what is going on. Several police trucks are also in the area already cordoned off by security.

When contacted, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango, confirmed the deployment, saying joint security teams were in place to witness the takeover of Muslim properties by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC).

For a long time now, some of the Muslim property in the said areas has been a centre of misunderstanding between some Muslim leaders and Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) from Old Kampala Mosque who accuse each other of mismanaging rent remittances.

But Onyango says: “The Government of Uganda reached out to the people who had acquired the properties and they had an understanding to have the properties be returned to Uganda Supreme Council.”

He said today security teams are providing security for the smooth take-over the properties by its rightful owners.

The same has been re-echoed by Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga who told SoftPower News that UMSC has taken over ownership of the mosque and other property.

“We are overseeing the handover of the William Street Mosque and property to the UMSC after it was reclaimed by government,” Enanga told this news website.

He explains that the previous buyers were compensated and their claim over the property relinquished and thus, UMSC takes it over on behalf of the Muslim community in the country.

Meanwhile, Muslims who have gathered at William Street mosque remain calm. Security has promised to address the media on the matter in a moment.

This is a developing story…..

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