UNBS Certifies 6 More Companies to Produce Masks Bringing Total to 29


Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has certified 6 more companies to produce facemasks that are much needed to safeguard the public against the coronavirus infection.

The total number of certified nonmedical facemasks manufactures is now 29, according to the latest statement by UNBS. 

The standards regulator says the certification is in line with its mandate of consumer protection, aimed at protecting Ugandans from buying substandard non-medical facemasks which could be harmful to their health, in the wake of COVID-19.  

The number of companies certified to manufacture non-medical facemasks is expected to increase and as such, UNBS says it will issue updated lists periodically. 

A few weeks ago, government made it mandatory for everyone to wear a facemask while in public. This will be done along other preventive measures like social distancing in restaurants, markets, public transport and other public places.

In May, UNBS certified the first batch of companies that had requested to start producing masks. These included Lida Packaging Products Ltd, Southern range Nyanza Limited, Evergreen Safaries Limited, Jude color solutions Limited, Winfred Fashion designers Limited and Fine Spinners Limited

Meanwhile government has already begun giving out free face masks to Ugandans above the age of 6. This is aimed at ensuring Ugandans use masks that meet the required standards and therefore effective in protecting the users from the Coronavirus disease. 

Below are the total certified companies

Lida Packaging Products Ltd 

Southern range Nyanza Limited 

Evergreen Safaries Limited 

Jude color solutions Limited 

Winfred Fashion designers Limited 

Fine Spinners Limited

Beier Safety and Security Limited

Graphic systems (U) Ltd 

Unique Uniform Manufacturer Ltd 

Sigma Knitting Industries Limited 

Mmacks Investment Ltd 

Fundi Building centre Ltd 

Ex-ken (U) Limited 

The King Murungi Fashions Ltd 

Najeru packaging industries Ltd 

Youth save the nature Uganda Limited 

Christex Garment industry 

Jayne collection and events 

Prince Orient Uganda Limited 

Tenge Collection Limited 

Silk Events Limited 

SCD (Uganda) limited 

Lurtex Textiles Limited 

Uganda Industrial Research Institute 

Fresh fashions Collections Limited 

Sumaco Enterprises Limited 

Lavie Boutique Ltd 

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