UNRA Seeks Shs 74Bn to Respond to Emergencies in Wake of Heavy Rains

UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina (R) at a news conference on Thursday.

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is seeking at least Shs 74bn to respond to emergencies in different areas in Uganda where the impact of the recent heavy rains have destroyed road infrastructure.

Uganda has been experiencing torrential rains across the country which often leave roads, especially those that are gravel standard, affected. In some instances, the roads are completely blocked making movement of people and goods extremely difficult.

While addressing reporters in Kampala on Thursday, the UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina said the Authority has already made a request to Finance for supplementary funds to address these emergencies.

“We are currently experiencing heavy rains and the roads have been affected in many parts of the country,” Kagina said.

In the East after the Mbulamuti ferry, the road was cut off last week. There is flooding at the River Sezibwa, River Kafu bridges and majority of the gravel roads, she said.

“We are currently engaged in emergency response mode with our stations allover the country, identifying where there are most critical areas of washouts to restore connectivity,” the Executive Director added.

On whether the Authority had set aside funds for these eventualities, she said UNRA had some resources and equipment for interventions, but she said these are inadequate.

“We usually have some money for emergency because we know our rain patterns. But in this instance, it was more than anticipated”.

“So we requested got financial support from Ministry of Finance to give us more money so that we can reconnect”.

She also appealed to the public to notify UNRA whenever access roads or bridges are washed away by rains.

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