UPC’s Bossa Wants ‘Pro-NRM’ Constitution Overhauled

Okello Lucima the Spokesperson and Joseph Bossa the President

The President for a faction of the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) Joseph Bossa has called for a complete overhaul of the constitution of Uganda as opposed to amendment of selected articles. Bossa described the constitution as obsolete saying that it was crafted by the NRM regime to serve their selfish interests.

He was addressing the press on Wednesday at Eureka Hotel in Kampala on the ongoing political debate on the removal of the constitutional Presidential age limit which has left the country sharply divided.

“On the issue of presidential age limit, the UPC position has always been that the 1995 constitution was not and is not a national, Ugandan constitution but an NRA/M regime power grab tool fashioned to prop up one man, Gen. Museveni,” Bossa said.

Bossa took over from Olara Otunnu who stepped down before organizing fresh party elections. There has since been internal wrangles over who between Bossa and Jimmy Akena is the rightful UPC leader.

The Bossa faction believes that the current constitution was an individual and partisan constitution which only reflected the interests of Museveni and NRM as a party but not Ugandans.

“It should be remembered that the formation of Constituency Assembly that promulgated the constitution was dominated by NRM cadres who concentrated on protecting the party interests,” he added.

Bossa said that the current constitution is just a regime documeny which explains why it has been amended severally in a span of 20 years.

He appealed to Ugandans to use all possible legal means to resist the move to have the constitution amended to satisfy a single individual. Furthermore, Bossa wants the citizenry to demand for regime change.

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