UPDF Mobilizes Reserve Force in Bid to Address Urban Crime

Brig David Kasura Kyomukama addressing UPDF officers and security officials at Lake View Hotel in Mbarara.

The Director of the National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi Brig David Kasura Kyomukama has underscored the need for a close working relationship between the Police and Crime Preventers in a bid to reduce the rate of urban crime across the country.

He said this on Friday during the launch of the reserve forces mobilization and documentation exercise held at Lake View Hotel in Mbarara.

The exercise is meant to orient security stakeholders in the Western part of the country, including RDCs, RISOs, RPCs, Regional Reserve Force Commanders and Coordinators of crime preventers.

The mobilization and documentation will target Reserve forces which include UPDF Veterans, Auxiliary Forces, Amuka boys, Arrow Boys, Crime Preventers, and former Local Defence Unit personnel who work closely with UPDF during military operations.

Mbarara’s Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Lt Col James Mwesigye said this exercise will go a long way in addressing the incidents of crime in the region.

“Now that you have stepped here with other Generals and these senior officers of UPDF, the Police and the intelligence services, you may leave this region as clean as it used to be,” Lt Gen Mwesigye remarked.

With this concerted effort in mobilizing “strong cadres of the revolution”, Mwesigye expressed optimism that the pockets of criminality that have recently rocked Mbarara and other parts in Western Ugada will be dealt with.

“When we join hands, the enemy who wants to show that NRM is weak must be defeated,” he said, adding that “strong point of this government has been security”.

“Everything else comes because of security. So, when security is weakened, then the enemy takes advantage”.

In his remarks, Brig Kyomukama revealed that the State’s basic fundamental duty is to protect its citizens.

“The duty is for the State to protect the citizens, it is not for the citizens to protect the State, because I am not paid to do your job. You the security officers, it is your work to ensure that you protect the citizens”.

Brig Kyomukama advised the crime preventers to do their work effectively.

“We all must do what we are supposed to do. That’s the first weakness about crime prevention, because we as Crime Preventers, we want to become Police men and detectives. Unfortunately, you don’t have the training”.

He cautioned the Crime Preventers to desist from overstepping their mandate and taking on the role of Police since they lack the training to do that.

He further advised them to use the clandestine style while reporting criminals to the Police.

Kyomukama also advised Police officers to cordially work with crime preventers in reporting criminals.

“Police, get away from the technicalities, meet with these crime preventers and teach them that their work is not to arrest suspects but to report them to you so you can arrest,” Kyomukama said.

UPDF Commander of Reserve Force, Lt Gen Charles Otema admitted that in the municipalities all over the country, the rate of crime has gone high.

“And this is sophisticated crime organized by people who have gone to school,” Otema said.

He attributed this spike in urban crime to the increasing rural-urban migration and educated youths who prefer staying in towns after studies.

“The population is growing, people are selling their land in the villages migrating to town, running away from agriculture. Even the young generation after finishing university, they remain in towns. So, we need the ground prepared and arrest this situation early enough so that we don’t reach to another level”.

He condemned the politicians whom he accuses of dragging the youths into acts that are against the law.

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