VERBATIM: Jennifer Musisi’s Farewell Statement to Kampalans

Jennifer Musisi bidding farewell to KCCA staff at City Hall on Friday.

Thank You All!

7 years and 8 months ago, I walked into City Hall for the very first time to be introduced to the Public as the First Executive Director of Kampala City.

During my short speech, I committed myself to work hard to build an institution that would focus on addressing the challenges Kampala faced and deliver the services that Ugandans had for so long yearned for. I also committed that we would work to build, an institution that Ugandans would be proud of.

As I hand back the office and the City of Kampala today, I would like to say that I have done my absolute best to fulfil the commitment I made to the people of Uganda when I took up Office. We have made great effort to achieve progress in many areas for the benefit of the people and communities of Kampala through the numerous KCCA projects and programmes.

We also worked to establish and build an award winning City Administration, with sound systems and a committed professional team. Furthermore, we have strived to add value in many areas including sports, health care, education, social services, infrastructure, and improved livelihoods. I want to thank all of you for encouraging, advising, alerting and criticising us where we have not done well. Your feedback has given us a sense of responsibility to do all we can to serve the public which is our client, better.

Thank you for patiently bearing the inconveniences that have often times come as we execute projects to improve Kampala. As the KCCA Team Leader, have done my absolute best to lead the team towards fulfilling the commitment I made when I accepted the assignment to transform Kampala.

I have done all I can to faithfully keep, preserve and add to what I was entrusted with. I am deeply thankful to God for allowing and enabling me to contribute to the development of our beloved Capital.

I am also thankful to H.E. the President of Uganda for giving me the opportunity to serve my Country. I am handing back to Ugandans a better City than the one that was handed over to me and I believe that if Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA is supported, the Kampala’s transformation journey will continue to even higher levels.

Thank you all and God bless Uganda!


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