VERBATIM: My Story Mirrors Challenges Women Face on a Daily Basis – Teddy Bujjingo

Teddy Bujjingo

The communication is issued to express gratitude to members of the public, fellow women, members if the church, family, friends, Members of Parliament, women activists and all concerned who have stood by me for the last few months.

Since the public got to know about the challenges I was facing with my marriage, I have seen steady rise in support from people some who I know, some who I don’t know. My story mirrors the challenges women face on a daily basis, as they strive to build and maintain their families in spite of the storms that they encounter.

I set out on a journey of marriage several years ago, and I made my commitment knowing that it was a very serious and lifetime vow, although I anticipated that it would face challenges, like other aspects of life, the last few months have not been easy.

To every individual or organization that has stood by me for a second, for a minute, fir a day, for a moth, for several months, I thank you all.

Each and every day I pray for my family (husband and children) to be restored to the right path and believe God will make that to happen.

To all women who are going through similar circumstances, have faith in prayer, whichever religion you belong to. God will make a way. Psalms 35: 27-28

Finally, my challenges are about family, women the stability of marriage and the place of God in our lives. I appeal to the public that this is not a political matter and no one should use it as such.

Psalms 36: 7-8

May the Lord Almighty Bless You.

Teddy Naluswa Bujjingo

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