Vets Displeased that Govt Has Sidelined the Profession

State Minister for Agriculture with the Veterinary Association leadership during the recent symposium

Veterinary Professionals under the Uganda Veterinary Association (UVA) have appealed to government to consider appointing professionals in key positions.

They claim there is a current trend of appointing non-professional to positions that would requires technical personnel.

The call was made this week by the UVA President, Sylvia Baluka Angubua during the opening of the 2019 UVA Symposium and Annual General meeting in Kampala.

Baluka commented that there are a number of key appointments in government that the veterinary profession has lost to individuals that lack the knowledge.

“The veterinary profession like any other profession is facing so many challenges which need to be addressed with a bigger voice. It seems our leaders have lost faith in professionals, they now prefer to work through people in the informal sector. If we do nothing, our profession will disappear like many others,” Baluka said.

She said the current trend is that musicians and artists are preferred for appointments other than professionals and as such, many children no longer find models in professionals including veterinary doctors, teachers or lawyers but instead admire the reggae stars.

On the same note, Baluka said that the veterinarians feel that they are not given priority by government despite helping the country to transform Uganda to subsistence commercial agriculture.

“For more than 30 years, we have not hosted the President in many of our gatherings, not because we have never invited him but we have tried inviting him to no avail. However, we always see him meeting other professionals,” Baluka said.

She added that on many occasions, they have invited the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga but she has never turned up for their meetings even after making several promises.

“We are not being so insensitive but maybe there is a reason. Perhaps our leaders have lost confidence in us. We see people appointed to advise the President on professional matters,” Baluka said.

However, the Minister of State for Agriculture, Christopher Kibazanga allayed the fears, pledging to deliver their invite to the President for the next year’s annual general meeting. The Minister said he would ensure that he attends to the concerns raised.

“There is need to recognize and appreciate our professionals especially scientists. I am under mistaken belief that if we are to develop faster as a country, we must appreciate, recognize and support professions,” Kibazanga said.

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